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Duluth BizPac focuses on supporting or opposing initiatives and candidates that will affect, directly or indirectly, Duluth area businesses.  Duluth BizPac also supports natural resource-based industries (mining, oil/gas pipelines, forestry) and the positive economic impact they have on Duluth and the region.

Our Mission

Duluth Biz Pac focuses on supporting or opposing initiatives and candidates that will affect directly or indirectly Duluth area businesses.

Mission Statement

To establish a continuing political campaign fund managed and operated in accordance with the terms of Minnesota Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board and not officially affiliated and any political party, candidate or ballot measure.

To receive voluntary contributions from persons interested in promoting the political objectives of the PAC and provide fundraising events for the benefit of pro-businesses candidates.

To support or oppose initiatives and elect men and women to public office who respect and most importantly support a pro-business climate.

Our Message is on a Roll

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You Get What You Tolerate

Duluth BizPac: A Voice for Business

Duluth has had no political voice for business in over a decade.
Anti-Business Policies have to stop! 
C-store Flavored Tobacco Ban – ESST – 1/2% Sales Tax
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